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Setup the target of iSCSI under the RHEL 6.x/7.x

最近剛好碰到iSCSI功能上的驗證,不過在做該Function驗證之前,必須要在另一端Build一個iSCSI Target才能開始測試,所以此篇文章要來紀錄在RHEL下做iSCSI Target的架設,因為6.x與7.x所使用的套件不一樣,這邊會分成兩個部分來做介紹,如下所示:

I.RHEL 6.x

1) 確認是否已經裝了iSCSI Target的套件(如果沒裝,需要額外做補裝)
#rpm -qa | grep -i 'scsi-target-utils'

2) 建出50G的空檔案來做FileIO(這邊的Size可隨個人喜好做調整)
#mkdir -p /srv/iscsi
#dd if=/dev/zero of=/srv/iscsi/disk1.img bs=1M count=50000
#chcon -Rv -t thtd_var_lib_t /srv/iscsi/ -> 如有使用SELinux需執行該行

3) 編輯Tgtd服務的設定檔(/etc/tgt/targets.conf)
#vi /etc/tgt/targets.conf
backing-store /srv/iscsi/disk1.img
backing-store /dev/sdb1
# initator-address
# incominguser user passwd
# write-cache off

4) 啟動Tgtd的服務和Check Port已經Listen(TCP 3260)
#service tgtd start
#chkconfig tgtd on
#netstat -tunpl | grep -i tgtd
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 7953/tgtd
tcp 0 0 :::3260 :::* LISTEN 7953/tgtd
#tgt-admin --show
Target 1:
System information:
Driver: iscsi
State: ready
I_T nexus information:
LUN information:
LUN: 0
Type: controller
SCSI ID: IET 00010000
SCSI SN: beaf10
Size: 0 MB, Block size: 1
Online: Yes
Removable media: No
Prevent removal: No
Readonly: No
Backing store type: null
Backing store path: None
Backing store flags:
LUN: 1
Type: disk
SCSI ID: IET 00010001
SCSI SN: beaf11
Size: 10486 MB, Block size: 512
Online: Yes
Removable media: No
Prevent removal: No
Readonly: No
Backing store type: rdwr
Backing store path: /srv/iscsi/disk1.img
Backing store flags:
Account information:
ACL information:
#iptables -L -> 如果Firewall沒關,可用Setup來做設定


5) 執行Targetcli開出Python Shell
/> iscsi/ info
Fabric module name: iscsi
ConfigFS path: /sys/kernel/config/target/iscsi
Allowed WWNs list type: iqn
Fabric module specfile: /var/target/fabric/iscsi.spec
Fabric module features: discovery_auth, acls, acls_auth, nps, tpgts
Corresponding kernel module: iscsi_target_mod

6) 建立出想要Storage的類型
/> cd backstores/
/backstore> iblock/ create name=rawdisk dev=/dev/sdb
/backstore> iblock/ create name=rawdisk_lvm lvm dev=/dev/vg0/lv1
/backstore> fileio/ create name=filedisk file_or_dev=/root/fileio size=2G
/backstore> rd_mcp/ create name=ramdiskN size=2GB
/backstore> ls -> Check所建出來的Backstores

7) Disable自動儲存功能
/> set global auto_cd_after_create=false
Parameter auto_cd_after_create is now 'false'.

8) 建出iSCSI Target的Name與Assign Lun
/> iscsi/ create
Created target
Selected TPG Tag 1.
Successfully created TPG 1.
Entering new node /iscsi/
/iscsi/iqn.20...a0e4a11/tpgt1 > luns/ create /backstores/fileio/filedisk
Selected LUN 0.
Successfully created LUN 0.
Entering new node /iscsi/

9) 加入Target的IP與Port
/iscsi/iqn.20...a0e4a11/tpgt1 > portals/ create
Using default IP port 3260
Successfully created network portal
Entering new node /iscsi/

10) 設定權限,這邊以完全不設限為例
/iscsi/iqn.20...a0e4a11/tpgt1 > set attribute authentication=0 demo_mode_write_protect=0
generate_node_acls=1 cache_dynamic_acls=1.
Parameter demo_mode_write_protect is now '0'.
Parameter authentication is now '0'.
Parameter generate_node_acls is now '1'.
Parameter cache_dynamic_acls is now '1'.
/> saveconfig

11) 下圖是在Intel Legacy OpRom iSCSI裡面的設定範例(SLES下的Initator可加withiscsi=1參數及Check是否有裝iscsi-client的套件)

12) 在iSCSI Initator下透過下列的Command來查詢iSCSI Target的資訊

◎、以上就是在RHEL下面Setup the target of iSCSI,至於SLES下面架設iSCSI Target可以直接執行yast2裡面的iSCSI Target做設定,如果各位看倌有任何疑問,可以自行查詢Tool的Help或參考這裡,先到這,收工!

  1. 你好,我现在的home_server是centos6.5,然后zfsonlinux,然后做了tgtd的target,现在有点想升级为centos7,不知道iol的性能比tgtd好多少?


    • 應該是有,因為可以各種的Backstore來Assign到iSCSI Target上,而且也可以直接裝LIO在CentOS 6.5上(Targetcli),你可以直接試看看.

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