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Setup a MAAS Server on the Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.2

為了不要打破一周一費文慣例,因此我現在來分享這禮拜碰到的新事物;湊巧在Survey Ubuntu Hardware Certification的時候,裡面有提到需要額外Setup一台MAAS(Metal as a Service)ServerAuto Deploy測試機台的一種Service,換句話說,只要Install完Relative的Package後,即可透過Web的方式部屬測試機台(它們稱為Master和Node)的服務,免去要架設與設定一些較瑣碎Config(Like dhcpd, tftpd或httpd等),非常的方便實用;那該如何架設呢,讓我們來看看,如下:

1) Install Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.2 and change the passwd of root(需建一個Sudo帳號,這邊以ubuntu為例)
#sudo -s
#passwd root

2) Install the package of openssh-server and setup(更改Parameter的Vaule)
#apt-get update
#apt-get install openssh-server
#vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config
StrictHostKeyChecking no
#service openssh-server restart

3) Modify the network setting with the following topology

#vi /etc/network/interfaces(可以透過#ifconfig -a去Check Dev Name)
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
auto eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp
#ifdown eth0 && ifup eth1
#ifup eth0 && ifup eth1

4) Upgrade the latest package and install iperf and bzr(Bazaar:next-generation distributed version control)
#apt-get update
#apt-get dist-upgrade
#apt-get install iperf
#iperf -v -> Check the version about the iperf
#apt-get install bzr
#bzr branch lp:maas-cert-server
#apt-get install apt-mirror -> Can omit
#cp -a /var/spool/apt-mirror/* /srv -> Same as above
#cp ~/maas-cert-server/* /usr/local/bin -> Could be in /home/ubuntu, Same as above
#apt-get install simplestreams ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring -> Same as above
#sstream-mirror --keyring /usr/share/keyring/ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring.gpg --max=1 -v

5) Install the package about the maas and amtterm(Amtterm:Intel AMT serial-over-lan client)
#apt-get install apache2
#add-apt-repository ppa:maas-maintainers/stable
#apt-get update
#apt-get install maas amtterm maas-dhcp maas-dns
#dpkg -p maas | grep Version -> Check the version of maas that is 1.7?
#dpkg-reconfigure maas-region-controller -> Setup the ip of eth0 that is
#dpkg-reconfigure maas-cluster-controller -> Setup with
#maas-region-admin createsuperuser -> Setup with root and his password
#ssh-keygen -> Echo all with space
#vi /etc/hosts maas
#cat /root/.ssh/

6) Setup the network and node and download the pxe image through the GUI of MAAS(先將eth0設為DHCP&DNS Manage與相關設定以及測試機器設為PXE開機外,紀錄BMC的IP)
#cd /usr/local/bin && ./

7) Install hardware certification packages automatically via MAAS
#cd /etc/maas/preseeds
#cp generic generic-orig
#cp ~/maas-cert-server/preseed/stable-preseed-generic ./generic -> Could be in /home/ubuntu/
#cp curtin_userdata curtin_userdata-orig
#cp curtin_userdata_custom curtin_userdata_custom-orig
#cp ~/maas-cert-server/preseed/curtin_userdata ./ -> Could be in /home/ubuntu/
#cp ~/maas-cert-server/preseed/curtin_userdata ./curtin_userdata_custom -> Could be in /home/ubuntu/
Repeat the actions like above that include Commission, Accuire node and Start node.

8) SSH to the server under test, and change the password and run test
#ssh ubuntu@<SUT's IP> -> 預設為空密碼

◎、以上就是Setup一個MAAS Server搭配Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.2簡易介紹,至於上述的過程均參照MANIACGuideOperate,還有關於HW Cert的PolicyRequirement與Proceduce可以參照這份Guide除此之外這邊有提到直接透過安裝的方式把MAAS做導入,另外還有搭配Juju一整套自動部署的系統留給有興趣的看倌囉(On openstack),先到這吧,收工囉!

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